Run Like the Wind, not the Winded

In our focus to be faster, we sometimes fail to realize that this can only be accomplished if we are stronger and more efficient. What do we need to be fast enough to pass by in a flash? How do you run like the wind instead of the winded?

Picture of two people running during the Florida Striders Race.

Running is a test of your physical ability. This is obvious. However, so much of running is mental. In fact, new runners are often astounded by how much running depends on the mind.

In order to be a fast runner, your whole body and mind need to be prepared to work in unison, to shut out discomfort, to run past the pain until it is mercifully dulled then overcome by the wonderful sensation of feel-good chemicals, those natural anti-depressants called endorphins.

Take the Dream in Stride

Tom Petty once sang, “Running down a dream,” and indeed, maybe we are similarly trying to run down a dream. However, running in a way that exceeds your own expectations doesn’t have to remain an out-of-reach dream.

Running may make you think of legs and feet, but it requires the whole body and all its parts to work in unison. The movement of your arms helps drive the movement of your legs. Stride is incredibly important for this reason. You may benefit from having a professional running coach to evaluate your stride.

Over the Hill

Running hills is great for working other parts of your body, your running machine like your hips. Shakira sang, “My hips don’t lie,” and we think that line is especially true when it comes to running hills.

Woman running uphill.

For an awesome local run with steep hills, challenging trails, and beautiful scenery, try the Toughest 10k in Jacksonville. It begins at the Roosevelt Area trailhead. You might get lost, or even better, you might lose yourself in the moment.

Age is just a number, and as runners, the only “over the hill” we think of is when we are running over the hill. Plenty of runners start later in life, so don’t let your age keep you off the stage.

Fuel is the Tool

Most runners are adamant about loading up on carbs to power a run. Carbs are not all bad, but for those looking to lose weight, stay away from the usual suspects like pasta, bread, and other similar carbs.

The best diet will avoid processed foods because those foods come with empty calories and excess sodium and sugar. You can get enough carbs to power your runs from the fruit and beans of a whole food diet.

Assess Your Breath

The nutrients from food combine with the oxygen you breathe to generate the energy needed to power a run. Basically, your body turns glucose into the molecule ATP during muscle cell respiration, which is how you are able to use your muscles.

Since breathing is so important, give it more consideration. Feel your breath as it moves in and out of your body, even when you are sitting still. This action can be quite soothing and relaxing, so try to do it often.

Depend on a Friend

Running with other people can keep you more accountable and can make runs more exciting. You can run with a friend or even join a team. Also, there is safety in numbers for people who may be nervous to run alone.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one running partner, either. The community of runners is an open and friendly one.

If you don’t know where to start or how to get social, consider contacting us at PRS-Jax for coaching or PRS Running Club for a good group of motivating and supportive local runners here in Jacksonville, FL.

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